This Week’s Features


We’re offering a salute to squashes of all varieties at the Herdic this week—with pumpkin carving this evening, and a pumpkin-filled menu on Friday. Whether they’re the fairytale Musque de Provence, the awkward but delicious Long Pie, the intense Kabocha, or any of a wide variety of others, our winter squashes bring velvety comfort to an often melancholy waning of the year…


Blue Plate Special: Wednesday, October 22
Join us as children young and old carve pumpkins on the patio tonight—and, when hunger strikes, step inside for a helping of Butternut Squash Lasagne with housemade ricotta and winter herb and walnut pesto…


The Humble Squash: Friday, October 24

  • Cinderella after Midnight: Cinderella pumpkin puree, dark rum, sage and lemon
  • Musque de Provence pumpkin soup, with crumbled chevre and thyme
  • Kale tossed with toasted walnuts, dried cranberries, roasted kabocha squash and sesame in a raw honey vinaigrette
  • Cow-A-Hen Farm pork loin, stuffed with spiced pecans, leeks and maitake mushrooms and served in a sherry cream with maple-roasted Paydon squash
  • Classic Herdic pumpkin bourbon cheesecake in a walnut crust